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Breakups 2 Makeups

So what happens when two of the most stubborn people on the planet end up in the same relationship?  A endless stalemate; that's what!  There is no such thing as the "bigger person", we were both too huge.  It had been days; they each seemed to stretch on like years since we weren't speaking.  The standoff between Landon and I was silently defiant, but more effective than anything I had ever experienced.  As desperately as I wanted it all to end, I just couldn't bring myself to be the one to do it... So many questions were swirling around in my head; I mean, after all, I had never actually TOLD Landon anything, I just let go.  Who was to say that he even cared that I was gone?  If this could be wrong, then was everything else between us too?  Should I even still feel this way?  Was it worth it?  Most importantly, Could he still FEEL me?  With there being more questions than answers, the Universe and I were in perfect agreement that the best thing to do

Mirror, Mirror

They say the people closest to us are reflections of who we really are inside.  If this is accurate, that was definitely my summer of inflection.  It turned out all were pure; well at least for the most part.  Parker and Tailor of course had their own motivation behind their being a me and Landon, but it actually did come from the source.  Knowing each other did help to eliminate some of the initial awkwardness, but the familiarity did give way to a different sort of issue that almost tore us apart... So you know how it is when a relationship is new, and you're getting to know someone, there's a certain air of mystery you are able to maintain, pretty much able to reveal yourself in levels at your own discretion.  The problem with dealing with someone from around your way, ESPECIALLY a Landon, there is NO such thing!  All the things about me that you wouldn't normally get up front, Landon already knew just from being on Richmond.  There was no hiding, and definite