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  "...So many things I'm going through, So much that I wanna do~It's starting to become so clear to me, tomorrow ain't really guaranteed~So many days I've thought of you, it's about time you knew the truth~Gotta act quickly you and I, to fall in Love so many reasons why..." I could feel the sun slipping through the downturned slats of my wooden blinds.  It crept slowly across the floor; climbing my bedspread, and finally kissing my fingers before I opened my eyes.  I smiled, thanked the Universe for Life, and rolled over, feeling around for my book.  I hadn't fully decided if I was quite ready to get up yet.  Still in mid-thought, the sound of chimes began to softly ascend; it was my phone reminding me of the day I had ahead of me.  Whelp, decision made.  I'm up.  I didn't mind too much though; today had the potential to be dope.  I love the Summer.  It's the way the air smells; IDK, it does something to me...Melanie and I had a whole day l


It's a Feeling; and Entire Vibe... It's crazy, but I just realized I'm Happy ( Don't judge me bitches for not noticing right away, life has been relentless!)  But FRFR, it's actually been pretty dope😁  Everyday isn't necessarily fantastic, but what makes it great is the fact that simply deciding to make a different choice can change Everything.  Not knowing what's going to happen from one day to the next can be pretty exciting!  It's almost like your girl got some new writers on this show called Life that I FINALLY fuck with, they putting out some new material I actually want to watch... Suddenly life stopped feeling like work; it was something I truly wanted to show up for.  Waking up each day to meet its newness was something I was starting to look forward to.  The stuff of other peoples' lives didn't even affect me the way it used to.  It was like everyone around me was in their own separate bubbles, staring in their own individual sitcoms; a

Breaking Dawn

  All the best movie legacies ever created were made in trilogy.  This next phase of my life was MY Part III…Get your popcorn ready bitches!!   As with all things, time marches on, and the inevitability of change was upon me…fuck that, it was ON me; my head all but refusing to sink below the surface.  And why not?!  I mean, I was actually ACHING for a new experience.  You wanna know the craziest part, I wasn’t in the least bit afraid.  So what was the problem?!  Simple.  ME.  “Go ahead Avri.”  That still small voice from inside softly whispered.  Ok then.  So, I took a deep breath, eyes wide open, and slowly let my head sink into the abyss(oh btw, that meant a job, like a REAL one🙄)…The next thing I knew, I was standing in the Crystal Flame, a Holistic Candle Bar, fully employed.  All kinds of things were running through my head, but it was completely overshadowed by pure excitement.  I had begun the next phase of my journey, and for the first time, I was going WILLINGLY.  There is a