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Open Letter

 The one thing that resonated in my mind after the conversation with Adonis was that burning question, "Do you still feel Him?!"  My heart would only let me answer honestly.  So what was still haunting me, was it the fact that I had been brought face to face with a truth that I had been fighting so desperately to get away from?!  Or was it the fact that I was confessing it to a soul that had absolutely no bearing on our situation?!  I wasn't sure...but what I did know, is that I wanted to tell Landon, and I needed to do it before I lost my nerve.  He and I had been speaking on occasion, having mostly casual conversation, proceeding with the utmost caution.  It was time, however, for us to dive back into the forever that we were, and face each other, and our future, as the evolved, COMPLETE individuals we had grown into...It was time to OWN it... Something that has resonated with me throughout my entire journey back to myself is that forgiveness is for ME, not the offendin