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It's a Feeling; and Entire Vibe... It's crazy, but I just realized I'm Happy ( Don't judge me bitches for not noticing right away, life has been relentless!)  But FRFR, it's actually been pretty dope😁  Everyday isn't necessarily fantastic, but what makes it great is the fact that simply deciding to make a different choice can change Everything.  Not knowing what's going to happen from one day to the next can be pretty exciting!  It's almost like your girl got some new writers on this show called Life that I FINALLY fuck with, they putting out some new material I actually want to watch... Suddenly life stopped feeling like work; it was something I truly wanted to show up for.  Waking up each day to meet its newness was something I was starting to look forward to.  The stuff of other peoples' lives didn't even affect me the way it used to.  It was like everyone around me was in their own separate bubbles, staring in their own individual sitcoms; a