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A Hard Place

  "I Love You so much, sometimes it's scary..."  I was in bed, staring up at the ceiling; I could physically feel the words lodged in my throat.  I shut my eyes tightly and attempted to swallow.  "Nope, still there."  I spoke those words out loud, hoping they would remove all traces of that previous statement.  I had been asleep, but woke up for some strange reason with it fresh in my mind.  The longer I laid there, the more I thought about what it even meant.  I could not think of a single thing I wouldn't do for Landon.  The real question was, "Where was all this coming from?!"  Things between us were good; really good actually.  There was something going on inside me though, like there was more; like we weren't living up to our fullest potential.  I didn't have words to describe it; one thing was for sure, I was going to remain silent until I had them!  It kinda felt like I wasn't as close to him as I wanted to be-like under his skin