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Red Hook Summer

  The morning sun was just peeking over the rooftops on the opposite side of Richmond.  Even before opening my eyes, I could feel it's warmth filtering through the blinds on my eyelids.  I wanted to see hoe long I could lay there that way in a sort of lucid dream.  Once the sound of the birds singing came into play, it was perfectly clear that I was fully awake.  I thanked the Source for providing me with yet another beautiful day in which to live life.  Sliding upright in bed, I grabbed a journal.  The peaceful rising had been inspirational, I wanted to get some of these feelings down on paper before they faded.  Words like, "glorious", "serene", and "grandiose" kept coming to mind.  "Wow AJ", I thought to myself, "You really are vibing higher!"  It made me smile at the pure elation of just BEING.  I effortlessly moved through my morning routine; transitioning from saging into Yoga; with it finally culminating into meditation.  I w

Melanie and Drew

     Sitting on Mel's balcony, we watched the moon rise over the city.  By 9pm, the moon would be full and high on the opposite side of the sky.  We had been sitting in silent reverence at the moon's emergence.  After saging, bubble tea, and some much-needed general foolishness, Mel was finally in better spirits.   My attention was turned from above to Mel seated peacefully beside me, but she was looking straight at me, as if in anticipation of saying SOMETHING.  "What?" I asked incredulously.  "Oh nothing; I was just wondering how long I was going to have to wait before you open that text from Adonis you got like 20 minutes ago!"  I should have known the question was coming; I had managed to keep her occupied thus far by focusing on her and Drew.  I let out a deep sigh.  "Fuck it, I guess now is as good a time as any..."  I told her about today's earlier encounter with him, and she beamed with pride; just as if she were the one who had spoken


  Under normal circumstances, this would have been one of the most uncomfortable conversations ever, but, on the contrary, I was actually quite at ease.  Adonis looked as if he was about to jump out of his skin.  He kept starting to speak, and then stopping.  I could tell he was struggling, but the more I said, the more he suffered.  I could not do anything to make this better for him, he had to face his truth alone.  He sat for a while, quiet, then finally said, "SO, the you that lies beneath, is in Love with the HIM that lies beneath; this will NEVER change..." "EXACTLY," I began, "but the way I see it, he doesn't deserve it.  What has he done but hurt you?"  A sense of relief washed over me, he did seem to get it.  "That connection, is ALL that I care about.  This Avri and Landon stuff is all secondary; I have already EXPERIENCED him.  If he doesn't get it, then it's his problem and HIS loss.  I have NO interest whatsoever in his person


  When you look at life for what it REALLY is, that's when shit hits the fan...the moment you realize it's the ultimate reality show,  and everybody is writing their own parts.  The person you wake up as each day is the role you are choosing to play, and the way you decide to present yourself to the world.  The sets, the costumes, the cast; all designed by the individual.  Granted, participation in this show is why were are here, after all, however, it's when we lose sight of the fact that it's all an illusion, and begin to believe the character is real that we give up creative control, and the show you created becomes your truth.  Before you know it, your have become a supporting  castmate in someone else's show.  For some, they embrace the illusion; choosing this persona as their authentic self.  For others, however, the storyline being written is so outlandish and far-fetched, the character created is immediately dropped, and suddenly, you remember who you ARE...

Giant: The Adonis Perspective

  Co Written By: A. Reid Avri once asked me what it was I saw in her that makes it worth all the trouble....In order to answer that question, I would have to go all the way back, to before Avri and I officially met... I had watched her; for a long time before I said a word.  She was social, but not like most girls.  You rarely saw her out, but you could  tell her interactions were genuine, and the people she surrounded herself with mattered to her.  Even the individuals who seemed no where near her level could be at perfect ease in her presence.  She was gorgeous, no question, yet it was probably the last thing she would present about herself.  She KNEW it; and it wasn't all about the physical.  Avri wasn't the type of girl who rotated different guys regularly, so if she was involved with someone, it meant something.  I got my first real introduction to the world of Avri James when we worked on campus at the office of Greek Life together.  She had already been there two and a h


  There comes a time in every person's life when they are pushed to their breaking point.  Depending on your strength and determination, there will be one of two outcomes:  If you're not strong enough, it will literally BREAK you-drive you insane.  Hopefully, you find your way back.  Then, there's the other instance, where you ARE strong enough; there's just not holding back.  With every emotional trigger is going at once...You just can't take it anymore; and so, you BLOW...The way you needed to, ALL along... What happens when you let someone in is, you end up exposing all of your vulnerabilities, one by one.  If you are truly connected to someone, you are fully exposed.  Therein, you are fully protected, so it's not supposed to matter.  It's when those walls come down that the true test of character happens.  I like to think I'm pretty tough taking most things in stride that would have broken others.  But I'm not a machine.  I CANNOT be constantly p