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Who Is Avri James??!!

I'm going thru it right now!! I can't stand it when folk say, "I need to find myself!"  What exactly do you mean?  How can you have misplaced your own person?!  But you know what, I think I have lost sight of who I am, and what I want from somebody else.  It's been that way for a long time.  I've just become a master at pushing past my own feelings and keepin on, adapting to my situation, thinking every one of those could be the "One".  I don't want to do that anymore.  I want to feel like me again, I want to be in love. To begin my search, I guess I need to learn myself all over again, and remember what my past taught me from one relationship to the next about where I want to be.  Failed or not, there is a lesson in each, and I intend to go back and collect them all. So order to really know me, and to figure out where I'm going in this emotional labyrinth, we need to go back, way back, back into time... Love is an emotion