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The Ascent

 To meet, and intertwine with your Twin Flame, in ANY incarnation, is a direct testament to your connection with the Divine.  It’s the most fulfilling, and powerful, yet painful relationship experience a person can have.  It’s not meant to merely provide you with the ideal partner, the true purpose is to be the catalyst that triggers your spiritual expansion and growth.  It isn’t until we come to that realization that life stops being such a struggle.  The connection is so strong, it seems impossible to break-because it IS.  You can never ultimately break from one’s self; attempting to do so will be both devastating and detrimental.  To deny yourself is to deny the one true Source of ALL.  A TF is ONE soul, occupying two different physical forms simultaneously.  Because of Ego, this relationship can and WILL be the most arduous endeavor you will ever embark on, for it’s meant to TRANSFORM you from the inside out.  It teaches you how to exist in the most authentic form; within the confi


  One thing is for sure, whenever two people are separated for an extended period of time, ESPECIALLY Twin Flames, you kinda need to hibernate for a while.  You know, just be absent from the public and outside energy for a bit; to protect your newly reinstated peace; to focus on just each other.  Even though we couldn’t REALLY get away at the moment, we did a pretty good job of maintaining our own private bubble in which we could exist.  “ I’ve got some running around to do, but I want to spend the whole day talking to you about everything and nothing at all.  THEN, I want to spend the whole night re-acquainting with your body.  I need to re-learn it, ALL of it; the smell, taste, touch, and sounds of EVERYTHING.” Landon said as we pulled up to my house.  “So you’re going to call me as soon as you’re free then?!” I asked.  “Nah, we are gonna do things a little differently today, that is, if you aren’t busy…”  My curiosity was officially peaked; “Well I have a few things to update on the

The Mist

  Words have the power to both destroy and create; to devastate, and HEAL.  It’s our choice as human beings to wield the power accordingly.  The talk Landon and I had that night turned out to be the first of MANY.  It was absolutely amazing to express myself freely, without any fear of what I was saying not being accepted.  This is what I KNEW.  The past 2.5 years had felt so strange; I was finally HOME.  Landon was being effected too; in the best way; and it showed.  He was patient, attentive, and able to accept being loved on such a major level.  Soon, whatever he felt, or popped into his head, he was sharing; no matter how awkward it had the potential to be.  I was getting random calls, just to ask the simplest of questions, or to check in with how I was feeling.  Me and my emotions had began to gain a foothold in his heart once again.  Funny, we never really think about what things will be like when you finally get what it is you want, or what the experience will actually FEEL like