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Do you know the feeling you get right before you fall asleep after an absolutely exhausting day, just as your head connects with your pillow and your body is absorbed into the bed?  I call that the Zone.  It is where I long to be on days like these.

I need to be inspired.  It's about time my life yielded purpose. 

Since I have decided that Love is at its best through the process of discovery, I have abandoned any attempts to hurry fate along.  Now I'm bored.  I have nothing to fill my days with now accept work.  I am so lame!  Why is the possibility of love so much more intoxicating than the reality?  Take a sonnet for example.  Aren't the greatest ones about love in the unrequited state? I want the passion of an unrequited romance with a willing participant.  I want warmth.  I want peace. I want to feel safe.  I want to feel like I never left the Zone.  

I want my entire life and everything in it to exist in that place.  I get enough real life everyday.  Fantasy is a waste of time, if it were possible, it would simply be called reality.  The place between those two is what has been carved out for me.  That is where I'm suppose to be.  Only to imagine the endless possibilities brings unfathomable joy.  The trick is figuring out how it is I am to find my way to this place in a fully conscience state.  The answer is simple: Get Life Right.


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