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Reality Check

Spaceketball by Geneva B.

So what happens after you tell someone you love them?  Plans begin to change...My Brave New World would not be explored alone after all.  Landon would be going to school very nearby at Columbia University, while I would be attending Xavier in the fall.  This was real; we were actually going to do this!  I still couldn't believe it.  This was completely uncharted territory for us, and, if I was being honest with myself, I was a little nervous...

Once something is said, no matter what comes next, there's no taking it back.  My head raced with all the things unknown:  "What if this changes us?!"  I still hadn't learned all of his idiosyncrasies; the more I thought, the more of a nervous wreck I became.  It was one thing to push my feelings to the wayside knowing we were nowhere near each other; it was a very different thing to have him right down the street.  Whatever was going to happen between us from now on would have to be addressed immediately; there could be no more keeping things to ourselves.  I stood in the linen aisle of Lacey's for at least twenty minutes, as these thoughts swam around.  Suddenly my phone vibrated in my pocket...Startling me back to reality, I reached for it.  It was a text; a message from Tre...

Now, this was definitely a surprise.  After our last conversation, I was certain he would never speak to me again.  The message was insignificant, just asking how I had been, and if I was ready to leave for school.  I responded, saying all was well, and was currently in-store trying to handle my linen situation.  He went on to say his internship had ended, and he had been pretty isolated the last few weeks.  I continued to shop, not really  having much of a response to that.  The very next message that came through sent my anxiety into overdrive:  "Come visit ad keep me company one day.  Tell me what you want to eat and drink, and let's make it happen!"  WTF?!  WHY?!  Never a dull moment for Avri!!

I couldn't believe what I was reading!  After all the BS Landon and I just got over dealing with Tre!  I felt Landon's words still burning in my ears about the entire situation being caused by me not telling him how Tre felt about me.  NOW, he was asking, yet again, for me to come spend time with him.  This JUST Happened; we weren't even all the way recovered yet!  How was I now going to fix my face and say, "Oh yea, by the way, I got another invite!"  I stopped the conversation right after replying with an abrupt, "nope!"  I blocked him to ensure no other unwanted correspondence would come through.  I needed   to figure out how I was going to tell Landon; there was no way I was making the same mistake twice!!

I grabbed one of each towel with coordinating washcloth and dashed to the register.  I needed out of this store so I could think.  Landon and I were too precarious for this to remain unsaid.  I just couldn't let anything else trivial come between us....


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