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Oooo I Think He Like Me...Maybe Not

I couldn't wait to get home.  I couldn't even focus on Jerry.  I sat in my living room staring at the lamp side table where the phone sat.  WTF was Marcelis doing?!  Why hadn't my phone rang yet?  Not that I wasn't always anticipating our daily call, but something happened today as I stood at the double doors waiting on my friend to depart.  Someone called his name.  Not Recognizing the voice, and me being naturally nosey(and petty, might I add!), I repositioned, discretely, and put a face to the voice.  I was right on both counts:

A. I didn't know him
B. His voice sounded like he was fine!

Yup.  An actual stranger in this endless sea of familiar faces.  The fact that he wasn't dusty and was easy on the eyes both paled in comparison to the way I FELT when I heard his voice.  It immediately felt like HOME.  I HAD to know who this was.  It was the first time I felt someone from the inside out.

After what seemed like an eternity, the phone rang.   It was Marcelis, and he was already on a roll.  I answered the phone and was immediately berated by 4 jokes about our latest shenanigan.  He was so ready for tomorrow's main hall summit.  I almost hated to stop him, I mean, I had to admit, his material was pretty dope, and at our school, the morning in hall summit was everything; but we had another more pressing matter to discuss!!  "One minute!!"  I said through my own laughter.  "Yo, who was that who caught up to you on your way to the bus??  I've certainly never seen him before."  "Who, you mean Tristan?!  What you mean you don't know him, there's like 20 Blackmore brothers!"  I thought for a second, that name Blackmore certainly did sound familiar, I couldn't exactly put my finger on it exactly why.  I grew tired of trying to figure it out and threw caution to the wind.  I told Marcelis I needed to meet him.

I apologized in advance for the hail Mary I just threw at him, I knew we were all set to kill it at the morning's main hall summit, but I had an affair of the heart to attend to and Marcelis was crucial to its success.  I also was able to pacify the situation by reminding him that the material would last on ice for another day, as Tiffany wasn't even aware of what we had done.  He half-reluctantly agreed, excited at the idea of playing potential match maker.  We decided it was much smoother for me to let him pass my number along and have us meet after the initial phone conversation.  I would wait for Marcelis at the end of the science hall, anticipating the outcome.  It wasn't that I thought he wouldn't call me(I mean, he would be stupid not to!), I just needed to know about his reaction when he learned it was me.  "OK, he's gonna call you!"  Marcelis blurted out as he approached me.  "wait, what?"  I stood there dumbfounded for a second.  I had the whole conversation planned out, and this fool just yells it down the hall, not even bothering to stop.  With this particular day being a B day, that meant no Chemistry, so I wouldn't see Marcelis for the rest of the day, and I had absolutely NO details to go on.  Great.  "I guess I will be making a beeline straight for the phone stand again this afternoon".

I arrived home with barely enough time to contemplate how the conversation could potentially go before the phone rang.  I was secretly hoping it was Marcelis, so I wouldn't feel like I was going into the situation completely blind, but I also was ready to get this "first" over with.  I took a deep breath and answered the phone after 2.5 rings.  It was perfectly timed.  With a natural gift for gab, a phone conversation has always been my bread and butter, but I suddenly found myself nervous.  The voice on the other line said, "Hello?"

After the first few awkward moments, Tristan and I settled into a comfortable two way dialogue.  All of a sudden, he was like, "so you really don't remember me?!"  At that moment, that initial familiar feeling I had when Marcelis mentioned the name Blackmore returned.  As he recounted the details of our 1st meeting, I sat there in silence, listening, eyes so wide open in horror.   I didn't even know they could get that large.  Oh I remembered him all right.  3 years ago.  Middle School.  He was Mad Short and Silly.  This fool mooned me.  What a difference 3 years worth of growth spurt and joining the basketball team makes...

After that, we sat on the phone for maybe an hour or so, just talking.  I liked him.  He was attentive, actually able to keep up with my conversation, and actually stayed engaged.  He Likes Me.  A few minutes before we got off the phone, Tristan mentioned a name that made me cringe.  See, I don't do Nemesis.  But if I did, this Heaux would have been the one salivating over the spot.  She wasn't Avri J Nemesis material. Not even close.  Once I surpassed my gag reflex, I inquired why we were talking about this girl.  "Oh, that was my first."  "WTF?!!"  I thought I would lose it right then and there.  "We used to date and we are kind of at an inpass right now, somewhere between together and apart.  Since I wasn't seeing anyone and neither was she, it was fine to just kick it.  Now that we are talking..."  Wait a minute sir, you don't tell me no mess like that during our inaugural conversation and expect it to just roll off the back.  Nah my G, Ima have to contemplate how I feel about all this for a second...

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