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Teenage Love Affair...The Beginning

Ok, so it needs to be said when Marcelis and I became friends, it was the beginning of an era.  We clicked immediately, it was like we grew up in the same house.  I finally had someone inside my head with me.  Jokes for years, all we would do together is laugh.  It was this one time we made it our mission to uncover the truth when it came to perpetrating fuck boys/girls.  This particular instance was about a young lady whose family was pretty well off and didn't work a day we were in high school.  As an urban inner city teen, the boot of choice was a Timberland 6in Single Sole Construction Boot for Diddy Bops, and the Double for dudes.  Now, growing up in the South, this was NOT the case for the young urban population there.   First of all, most people do not I repeat do not wear boots.  If they do, it's some variation of a hiking boot, brand and style be damned.  I blame they mamas.  If you grow up in a world where lame is the norm, you struggle to find a sense of individuality and style, because being cool as a teenager is all about what everybody else is doing, means you have to seek out fly shit in a corny ass lane.

Enter the Timberland hiker, and the start to our story.  

So Marcelis and I were Chemistry, watching the seconds tick by  As we sat there salivating after the bell, I happened to mention that I saw Tiffany in the main hall this morning, and she was sporting a fresh pair of hikers that closely resembled the Timberland version, however, the color way was a bright mustard, something that was not offered in that particular style, and the profile of the sole was way too low.  So of course, a full on investigation had to be done...WE HAD TO KNOW!!!  So we used the remainder of the period to devise our plan.  What was decided was that I would lead her into a conversation that made lifting one of her legs absolutely imperative.  While this was going on, Marcel was to be standing discreetly downwind, at a clear angle to the shoe's back heel.  If the tree was absent, I was correct in my original hypothesis that these were indeed imposters.  OK, bet, the plan was set.

She and I normally met at the foot of the staircase located in the main hall after school each day.   This was to be the scene.   Marcelis and I even split up, planning to arrive from opposite directions at moments just shy of one another.  I peered down the main hall and saw Tiffany perched in her usual spot.  I decided it made more sense for me to approach from the front, he wait a few seconds, then approach from the right side, standing slightly behind her.  I made a beeline straight for her, as if the tile directly in front of her had neon tape marking my spot.  I chatted her u as planned, making a reference to needing to shave in anticipation of this weekend's events, even asking did she have a bruise from the Powder Puff practice.  I took a step back.  I suddenly realized she was deliberately not raising her leg.  WTF are you trying to hide??!!!  I look at Marcelis, and its like he read my mind. Its like we both realized it at the same time.  At this point, Marcelis is in position, and is increasingly growing impatient because he has to catch the bus home, meaning we had exactly 120 seconds to pull this off.

The Next Few Seconds All Happened In a Blur.

All I know is Marcelis pretended to drop to his knees and tie his shoe.  In one swift movement, yanked her pant leg up, leaped to his feet, screamed, "Yo, it ain't got NO TREE!!", then took off down the hallway!!  She stood there, not completely certain of what just happened.  I sprinted down the hall after Marcelis, ready to crack the 1st of what was sure to be an epic series of jokes surrounding the incident.  I finally caught sight of him in the sea of other students and followed his head bobble till I caught up.  We immediately burst into laughter, discussing the details of the foolishness that just occurred.  As we approached the double doors, we made our usual afternoon plans to call each other post Jerry Springer and come up with some new material then.  Just as he was about to walk out the door, someone called his name.  I didn't recognize the voice, so naturally, my curiosity was peaked.  I waited another minute or two till the face came into view.  I don't recall breathing in those moments, which probably contributed to that light-headedness I was feeling.  Who was this, and more importantly, how did Marcelis know him, but yet I didn't?  Why did I care?  Oh Shit, I think I like him!  Well maybe love at first is bullshit, but I was certainly giving this whole "Strong Like" serious consideration.  Enter Tristan Blackmore...

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