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A Mid-Winter Night's Dream


After our morning walk, we both agreed to spend the day with our respective housemates; I think we both wanted a little time with individual best friends to discuss the past few days' events.  Katrina didn't usually rise until after 10, so I had plenty of time to decompress.  The more I thought about it, I started to feel like I DIDN'T want to talk about what was happening between Adonis and I; I just wanted to keep it for myself as long as possible.  The more people who knew seemed to somehow diminish how special it was.  Right now, it was JUST US.  I wanted that feeling to last.  A few minutes later, a half-sleep Katrina appeared in my doorway.  She immediately re-located to my bed...

"I hope you grow out of this 'rise and  shine' foolishness; especially for vacation!" Katrina said, face buried in one of my pillows.  "Well, there's someone around who shares your affinity for ungodly hours; I heard you and Adonis outside my window this morning."  I raised an eyebrow, staring at her intently.  Well, so much for keeping it to myself!  I just sat for a few moments, holding out as long as possible; that is till a small, square pillow came flying in my direction.  "OK!"  I yelled.  "It's not much of anything to tell! There have been a few walks, and a kiss..."  Katrina was wide awake now, and on the edge of the bed.  She couldn't believe it.  "Even though I have been kicking and screaming for months about you moving on from Landon, I never actually thought you would DO it!  I know you, so I know it doesn't mean the two of you are together; but you let someone else get close enough to KISS you!  That's kinda like a big deal for you dog!"  Of course she was right.  The thought had me feeling a little apprehensive, but then the folded note on the desk in front of me caught my eye.  The feeling dissipated, and my smile returned...

The thing about being around a couple that has so much time in, they really don't give a fuck when it comes to other people's plans and agendas.  The full day I was supposed to be spending with my best friend turned out to be us getting dressed for, and then going to brunch.  She disappeared shortly after that; wondering off in the general direction of the boy's cottage.  I was totally fine with that  It's just as fun for me to be alone as it is to be out, surrounded by people.  There really hadn't been much time for me to be alone; mentally or physically.  I had the cottage to myself, and I couldn't wait to put down some words on paper.  My good mood was undeniable; I was HAPPY.  I spent the next few hours writing, enjoying the cottage in the rain, and figuring out what I was wearing to dinner that night.  It felt sooo good for that to be the most pressing issue on my mind!

Everything smells so clean after the rain.  I sat for a long time on the patio, just enjoying the sound.  I couldn't stop thinking about the note Adonis had written me.  For once, I could focus on one thing in front of me.  There was absolutely no level of expectation; I could sit here, and play it all out in my head, OR I could do something about it...I wasn't really sure what I was feeling; I mean, I was definitely excited, but as far as anything else outside of the expected butterflies that come with anything new-outside of that, I had no idea.  Anytime I have dealt with anyone outside of Landon since he and I met, it's never, how should I put this...quite right.  There's ALWAYS a deal-breaker that I can't quite pin down.  All I can figure is that my subconscious knows it's not Landon and just won't let me LIVE.  I desperately wanted to break that cycle...

Before long, there was a small tap at the window.  I peered out, and saw Adonis on the other side of the glass; standing on the path, holding a large brown box.  My curiosity officially peaked, I practically glided across the floor towards the door.  I swung the door open wide, with a slightly confused look on my face.  "I remembered you talking about that taco place we passed near the Whitmore a bunch of times since we've been here.  I didn't know what you wanted, so I got one of everything.  We go back to campus tomorrow, so I wanted our last night all to myself, if that's OK?!"  Adonis stood, nervously awaiting my response.  I smiled, grabbed him arm and pulled him in, "My thoughts exactly!"  



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