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Flash Forward: The Twin Flame Connection

             Art by @gdbee  #afrofuturistic #afrofuturism #afrofuture #afrofuturisticdesign #nubiamancy #afroart #dopeblackart #blackart #blackartist…

One of the things I get the most comments on when it comes to Avri James and Landon is about the Twin Flame Connection, what are my thoughts on it, and most importantly, do I believe in it.  Most of you guys out there want to know whether or not I consider what Avri and Landon have a TFC, and WHEN would it come into play in their story...Ask and ye shall receive!  By request, an anecdote from Avri and Landon that addresses just that; I hope it provides the strength needed to hold out for it ALL...

There was ONE time, when I could no longer deny the TFC; and I knew for sure it was real...I lived out of state for a while and had been seeing someone else.  Landon and I hadn't seen each other for a time, and had been living separate lives.  I had been coming and going, but ours paths just never seemed to cross.  One day, my family attended this baby shower.  I chose not to, as I didn't know the intended at all.  After it was over, my aunt stopped by, giving me a rundown of everything I had missed.  She happened to mention seeing Landon...

I didn't really react; I mean, it was yet another chance encounter he had with someone in my circle-an interaction not meant for me.  I went on about my week; I even prepared for the man I was seeing to come join me that weekend.  The Friday prior to the day of his arrival, I walked to my front door for absolutely no reason at all, and there Landon was; parked right outside at the curb.  I can't even say I was surprised-something brought me out there; it was just...right.  Before I knew it, I found myself down the two landings of stairs, standing beside his open window.  We made small talk for maybe an half an hour or so, but didn't say anything of any real significance.  That night, I was up the entire time; thinking.  I knew I wanted to do SOMETHING; I just didn't know what.  In less than 8 hours, my significant other would be arriving, but that didn't even MATTER.  Whatever I was going to do, I would have to figure it out, and FAST!!

The next day after leaving the airport, I had made up my mind; I WAS going to do something.  I called my best friend; we chatted about inconsequential things till it finally came to me and I blurted out, "I AM going to get in touch with him and tell him we need to talk!"  I had no idea where the conversation would lead, but I wanted more than anything to find out!  Shortly after we got in, Brice went to sleep.  This was divine intervention, and the Universe giving me the go-ahead...I immediately jumped into action tracking Landon down.  Not really knowing where and what he had been doing for the past few years, it was more of a challenge than I had anticipated, and had no idea where to start.  Brice had mentioned earlier that day that he wanted me to contact a friend of mine, Jeneris, about making an appointment to get his haircut the next day.  I thought to myself, "I could always ask Jeneris!  Even if he doesn't know his number, he could potentially point me in the right direction; making it as good a place to start as any!"  So I set off toward his barbershop.  Not only did he have his number, but I would later learn how incredibly close the two had become.  This was no coincidence that I ended up in his shop that day.  Now that I had the information I needed, it was time to DO SOMETHING.  I didn't hesitate, nor did I feel fear of ANY kind; I simply text, "There's a conversation that you and I should have that's long overdue, don't you think?!"  After getting over the initial shock of it being me, he agreed, and said he would come see me.

From that moment forward, everything around us was moving in slow motion, and we were the only ones on real time.  I was being inexplicably pulled in his direction, no matter what; and it was the most natural thing in the world. Let's be perfectly clear, Avri James is NOT one to throw caution to the wind...EVER!!!  We talked, but it wasn't about the conversation; I can't explain it, we just NEEDED to be near each other.  I didn't GAF that Brice was inside fast asleep; at that moment, I was SUPPOSED to be with Landon.  Nothing else mattered; It's what I WANTED.  I have never felt anything like that before.  Not talking to him, not seeing him, not feeling him and what I was feeling FOR him was COMPLETELY out of the question; this was HAPPENING.  Every millisecond was working together in our favor; we we supposed to BE...I went home 24 hours later.  The feeling did NOT dissipate, it only got STRONGER.  From that day on, I could constantly feel him.  We spoke all the time, as if no time had passed at all.  With everything that we did say, there was much more that we DIDN'T; yet we still both knew.  The concept of separation was just an illusion; we were ALWAYS together, even when we weren't.  To feel someone in that way constantly was sooo sexy, almost overwhelming! At any given moment, we knew exactly what to say to the other to take them out of a terrible place and bring them safely back to our own little world where the dumb shit the outside world participated in didn't effect us.  We just KNEW how one another felt, so we were ready to deal with any situation that came between us.  At that point, it was absolutely out of the question to entertain us NOT being together, nothing was going to stand in the way. Being that connected allowed us to become each other's ideal partner, providing what each was lacking.  Our apprehensions became our advantages because that last thing we wanted was to hurt one another in any way.  This was a completely different experience for me.

Never have I ever wanted to be that open and CLOSE to someone; but I just couldn't help it!  I couldn't have stopped if I wanted to!  It was like the best part of me was now in control; relentless in the pursuit of what I really wanted-not willing to slow down till I got it.  I was exactly where I needed to be, and the Universe wasn't taking no for an answer this time.  No matter how far apart from each other we try to go, there's an unmistakable force that pulls us back together.  I have tried several times to break it, making myself move further away.  It ALWAYS snaps, and we end up crashing into each other.  I've come to the realization that it's futile to resist.  So yes, I do believe in the TFC, and am finally willing to admit that this is the REAL THING.  We are Human, therefore imperfect by nature, so there will continue to be mistakes. However, if done right, and I allow it to happen, the TFC is as close to perfect as a relationship can get; especially once both parties are willing.  I'm going to try something new and fully give into the feeling..I guess we will just have to see what happens next, I'm excited to find out though!😉  


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