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Oooo I Think He Like Me...Maybe Not

I couldn't wait to get home.  I couldn't even focus on Jerry.  I sat in my living room staring at the lamp side table where the phone sat.  WTF was Marcelis doing?!  Why hadn't my phone rang yet?  Not that I wasn't always anticipating our daily call, but something happened today as I stood at the double doors waiting on my friend to depart.  Someone called his name.  Not Recognizing the voice, and me being naturally nosey(and petty, might I add!), I repositioned, discretely, and put a face to the voice.  I was right on both counts: A. I didn't know him B. His voice sounded like he was fine! Yup.  An actual stranger in this endless sea of familiar faces.  The fact that he wasn't dusty and was easy on the eyes both paled in comparison to the way I FELT when I heard his voice.  It immediately felt like HOME.  I HAD to know who this was.  It was the first time I felt someone from the inside out. After what seemed like an eternity, the phone rang.   It wa

Teenage Love Affair...The Beginning

Ok, so it needs to be said when Marcelis and I became friends, it was the beginning of an era.  We clicked immediately, it was like we grew up in the same house.  I finally had someone inside my head with me.  Jokes for years, all we would do together is laugh.  It was this one time we made it our mission to uncover the truth when it came to perpetrating fuck boys/girls.  This particular instance was about a young lady whose family was pretty well off and didn't work a day we were in high school.  As an urban inner city teen, the boot of choice was a Timberland 6in Single Sole Construction Boot for Diddy Bops, and the Double for dudes.  Now, growing up in the South, this was NOT the case for the young urban population there.   First of all, most people do not I repeat do not wear boots.  If they do, it's some variation of a hiking boot, brand and style be damned.  I blame they mamas.  If you grow up in a world where lame is the norm, you struggle to find a sense of individ