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Flash Forward: Unchained Melody

Sitting in front of my laptop, I thought about that night, and everything I felt at that can make it so hard to hold onto what's real.  I sat there, eyes closed, re-living every second.  I needed to put this into words that others could ingest and understand.  I was finding this especially difficult because I was agitated, and hadn't been able to put anything down on paper.  I went back to this particular place in my mind hoping that it would provide the much-needed inspiration (and nuts!) I was going to need to overcome Landon and mine's latest Battle Royal.  I was desperately trying to return to our source.  I had reached a point in our relationship where the impenetrable walls that he puts up when he's going through something had to come down, and it was time to face me... Since that night at the waterfront, it's been just he and I.  We have definitely hit our occasional bump or two (or ten!)  along the road, but always find our way back to each oth

The Things She Carried

Oh wow; the Universe, and it's divine timing...absolutely HILARIOUS; almost to the point of tears!  Here I was, in yet another precarious situation.  Why can't I just ENJOY this moment?!  Oh well, come on TRUTH, Destroyer of Worlds; lets get this over with!  I sat for another minute or two; admiring the ring, and appreciating how far we had come.  All I ever really wanted to know was exactly where we stand...that was something that was never definitive; making it almost impossible to know how to move.  Now, here it was; REAL and in the physical, he and I; there was no other way to interpret what it meant... One thing the past does is teach us how to move forward, preventing me from making the same mistakes twice.  Even though I wanted to stay in the moment for just a little longer, as I glanced over at Landon, I could see slight distress setting in as he sat beside me awaiting my response.  I took a deep breath, turned to face him, and just let it come out; very similar to regu