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  One thing that Landon and I have in common, which seems to be the main source of discord between us, is the fact that once we decide we want something, NOTHING stands in our way.  The goal WILL. be achieved.  This is most certainly an asset, but can FEEL like a detriment...especially if we are not both in a single-minded state.  Not even we can penetrate the other's bubble... Neither of us had mentioned anything more about moving in together.  There was an unspoken agreement to reserve the conversation until after he had finished his finals.  What I didn't fully understand is that finals week, for an architectural major is a month long endeavor!  Why does it feel like every time we reach a point to where something fantastic is about to happen, I mean LITERALLY close enough to touch, does it all suddenly move one centimetre to the left-just out of reach?!  I was trying my absolute HARDEST to be the peace he so desperately needed during this time; all the while feeling like an


  Think back to when your relationship first began...Remember the absolute bliss that was unmatched by anything else?!  You've been  there,  so you  KNOW it's real...Just  imagine  if every  second  was  like that?!  With that kind of power, I would LITERALLY  be unstoppable!  Is it crazy to say that  I still feel exactly like  that?!   I'm still just as excited to  see him today as I was the very first time we spoke... The school  year was coming to a  close, and it was almost time to go home.  Landon and I had decided to leave right after his last exam.  Things between us were JUST RIGHT.  We were just beginning to hit  our  stride, realizing we  were a perfect fit, just the way were.  I can't really explain it, but something had finally clicked.  We were both exceptionally happy-not only  with each other, but with  ourselves.  We were  reaching our individual goals, but were taking special care to  ensure we didn't forget about one another.  Funny thing, it was p