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The Book of Eli

  The Universe has this beautiful way of shifting your focus when you have something on your mind.  It pulls your attention elsewhere, and wraps you up in whatever is going on.  That's exactly what happened to me when Eli called...He and Kelly had parted ways, and he was as distraught as I had ever known a man to be over a breakup.  After much coercing, I finally convinced Eli to come to Jensen City for some R&R, and a much-needed friend.  The magnitude of this situation required that it be dealt with in person; it was simply too fragile to try and decipher by phone.  He reluctantly agreed, and made his plans to spend the weekend on Richmond with high hopes of having an Iyanla V moment.  I couldn't guarantee any relationship repair, but I would be present for the self-rebuild he was about to enter into, giving him a positive point to start from.  It had been a minute since I had encountered a genuinely broken heart; it was time for reparations... For as long as I have known

State Property

  Although everyone can find comfort in talking to me, I do not share in that same luxury.  Throughout my life, I have found the goings on inside my head are a little too complex for the average person.  Don't mistake it, I find NO fault in being average; I often imagine what this would be like-it seems like a very fulfilling, and simple way to just wasn't gifted to me.  And so, when I need to talk and truly be understood, I have to seek out a member of my very small tribe; hoping they are in the right frame of mind to receive me.  The past few weeks of my life had been vibrant, rapidly changing, and absolutely awe-inspiring.  I had sooo much wonderful built up inside,  it had started oozing out...I and FEELING myself, in every sense of the words, and I needed to tell SOMEONE who would understand what was happening.  I needed to SHARE it; but with who?!  I spoke my will and intentions into the Universe, and decided to take a walk; perhaps I will end up just where I ne

The Empath

  "I like talking to you...It's like talking to me, but with a girl face."  Sheldon-The Big Bang Theory One thing I have never been in need of on Richmond was COMPANY.  It is the one place I can always go, and there someone would be.  Even if not at first, just wait; another soul will surely appear.  Interestingly enough, absolutely ANYONE will talk to me.  I don't need to ask any questions, I don't need to reply...just know by the end of the conversation, I WILL have the complete picture...It's this capability, to not only listen, but being able to absorb  what the individual was going through, that makes my writing so personal.  I'm particularly careful not to appear as the impartial observer, by actually getting inside  of the feeling; I need to EXPLORE it.  How else am I able to speak on or interpret something I don't fully comprehend?!  There is, however, a caveat that comes with such a gift-EVERY person within a 2 mile radius who needs to talk pi