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Face 2 Face

  I opened my eyes to find my head buried against Landon's chest.  I couldn't quite see his face, but the sound of his voice said he was wide awake; and had been for quite some time.  "Good Morning," I mumbled groggily.  "What time did you finally finish?!"  There was a momentary pause, then Landon answered.  "Well, I left around 5, but as far as finishing..." His voice trailed off, as if he was someplace else entirely.  I sat up in bed and asked, "What's the matter?!  What happened?!"  I was now fully awake, anticipating whatever fuckery he was about to lay on me.  "I met a clown after you left."  That I wasn't ready for.  Even though Adonis was adamant about approaching Landon, I never thought they would actually speak!  "What is blowing my shit right now is his level of comfort in approaching and questioning me about ANYTHING pertaining to us!"  Landon said.  I could tell this was one of those situations tha