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  Each day, we wake up a different person, with brand new potential to present a better version of ourselves than we did the previous day.  Your soul silently whispers without cease its greatest desires, telling you exactly what it wants...but how closely are we actually listening?  How often do we comply?  At what point do we stop automatically doing what our minds tell us we SHOULD  be doing, what's safer and KNOWN?!   Who the Fuck told Ego that they were running shit... Mini Rant?! Yes.  Completely Necessary and Not Random?!  Absolutely.  See, when other people experience unexplained shifts in their mood, if they're unable to identify the source, they have someone they can divulge their feelings to in a safe space to figure out what's going on inside of them.  It's free of judgement or ridicule.  They rely on their PERSON.  Me?! Avri?!  I apparently don't get a Person-at least not the one that both myself and the Universe felt I would be safe with.  My person com