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  "I Keep it on the low; until I know.  That's it's you for sure, just to be safe...That shit I speak about, think about, can't do without... But I can't live without you, YOU; no no no no no..."  S. Aalegra 'You '  Sometimes I feel like being my own sanctuary is just about the saddest thing on Earth.  Yet, when you are intentionally ducked off, it can come in pretty handy.  I had completely lost myself in the mountain of things I needed to do for my website.  I didn't have the time to think about anything going on outside my door.  I was in the Candle Bar by day, and a Writer and content creator by night.  It was ridiculous how far behind I had fallen.  What can I say, I had been caught up.  My mind was some place else entirely.  I had been faced with a situation so real, that it generated a fear inside me that was damn near debilitating.  The scariest part, was that it wasn't something I should've had to experience alone.  After all, I di