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One Starry Night

Well, I knew now that it was going to be just Landon and I from now on, there would be no shortage of chances to talk about the newest message.  At this point, I was more annoyed than anything, and I just wanted to get it over with.  I was so tired of all of this outside foolishness effecting us.  I mean maybe, just maybe, I could be the actual catalyst in at lease ONE of these scenarios?!  It didn't take Tre long to figure out he was blocked, and I received a few other choice messages from random numbers, one of which demanded answers... Yea; OK!  I'll  only be answering to one man at a time; it's later for all that bullshit!!  After I tell Landon about the text, I then have the pleasure of explaining that this man would be going to school in Columbus too, not too far from us.  BOY Avri, you sure know how to pick them!  Later on that day, Landon and I were heading to the city to finish getting his things for school.  I still hadn't fully wrapped my mind aroun

Reality Check

So what happens after you tell someone you love them?  Plans begin to change...My Brave New World would not be explored alone after all.  Landon would be going to school very nearby at Columbia University, while I would be attending Xavier in the fall.  This was real; we were actually going to do this!  I still couldn't believe it.  This was completely uncharted territory for us, and, if I was being honest with myself, I was a little nervous... Once something is said, no matter what comes next, there's no taking it back.  My head raced with all the things unknown:  "What if this changes us?!"  I still hadn't learned all of his idiosyncrasies; the more I thought, the more of a nervous wreck I became.  It was one thing to push my feelings to the wayside knowing we were nowhere near each other; it was a very different thing to have him right down the street.  Whatever was going to happen between us from now on would have to be addressed immediately; there