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  As the weekend progressed, Eli's demeanor relaxed, however, maintained it's intensity.  One thing he never did was lose sight of a goal once fixated.  Eli was determined to get back to Kelly, no matter what it was going to take...I wondered if he fully understood what that meant.  I had NO expectations, I learned a long time ago when giving advice, you can only speak from what it is YOU would do; this may or may not be beneficial to the recipient.  How SHE is going to receive it, and respond, is totally up in the air.  Since his arrival, I had not spoken to Kelly-playing both sides of the coin can get messy; I needed to keep my attention on Eli for the moment.  I needed to find a way to take his mind off the situation for a little while-perhaps with a freestyle battle of sorts; Richmond Style.  I even enlisted some of my favorite characters off the block to make it all the way legit-securing some real competition for Eli...enter Delleon: The Chef... The battle was epic; I saw