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The Quick and the Dead: A Landon Perspective

  As fantastic as the weekend was, it was time to go back to school--I really wasn't feeling it...sitting in my car in front of Avri' house, I almost thought about hitting the turnpike in the opposite direction and just never going back.  I had shit on my mind.  Avri appeared in the doorway; 'I wonder if she would be down to run away with me', I thought.  "Hey!"  Avri said, as she slid into the seat next to me; a full smile on her face.  I don't know what my face said, I was in mid-thought.  The past few months had been Hell for Avri and me; I just could not take one more thing.  WTF did she mean he wants to talk to me?!  I don't like this...  Who was this clown?  Where did he come from?!  Oh yea, from me... I was the one who told her to date some other people; to enjoy being unattached.  Funny thing is, I said it, I just didn't think she would actually DO it!!  Note to self, from now on, stop saying shit you don't mean!  I want to be upset; ma