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Where the Heart Is

             I haven't been home in quite some time...whenever I feel like I'm disconnected, going back to Richmond is always the perfect reset.  It was time for our annual block party, and Landon was NOT about to miss it; I was actually looking forward to it.  I put that foolishness with Adonis behind me and just went on as if nothing happened.  What reason did I have to think that they would ever REALLY talk?! I kept that in my mind, almost completely convinced.  Now that were back on track to being Avri and Landon again, we were seeing a lot more of each other; making it completely possible that the two could cross paths.  A weekend at home was just what we needed; some place familiar where we could just relax, reconnect, and just be US for a change. We decided to drive home.  It was going to be just the two of us for the next two hours-now was as good a time as any to talk to him about the events of the last couple of weeks.  No Secrets-living my truth with Landon HAD to be