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  "I Keep it on the low; until I know.  That's it's you for sure, just to be safe...That shit I speak about, think about, can't do without... But I can't live without you, YOU; no no no no no..."  S. Aalegra 'You '  Sometimes I feel like being my own sanctuary is just about the saddest thing on Earth.  Yet, when you are intentionally ducked off, it can come in pretty handy.  I had completely lost myself in the mountain of things I needed to do for my website.  I didn't have the time to think about anything going on outside my door.  I was in the Candle Bar by day, and a Writer and content creator by night.  It was ridiculous how far behind I had fallen.  What can I say, I had been caught up.  My mind was some place else entirely.  I had been faced with a situation so real, that it generated a fear inside me that was damn near debilitating.  The scariest part, was that it wasn't something I should've had to experience alone.  After all, I di


  Each day, we wake up a different person, with brand new potential to present a better version of ourselves than we did the previous day.  Your soul silently whispers without cease its greatest desires, telling you exactly what it wants...but how closely are we actually listening?  How often do we comply?  At what point do we stop automatically doing what our minds tell us we SHOULD  be doing, what's safer and KNOWN?!   Who the Fuck told Ego that they were running shit... Mini Rant?! Yes.  Completely Necessary and Not Random?!  Absolutely.  See, when other people experience unexplained shifts in their mood, if they're unable to identify the source, they have someone they can divulge their feelings to in a safe space to figure out what's going on inside of them.  It's free of judgement or ridicule.  They rely on their PERSON.  Me?! Avri?!  I apparently don't get a Person-at least not the one that both myself and the Universe felt I would be safe with.  My person com


So Ya'll know I just be minding my Avri business, Right?!  I don't bother anyone...I just move throughout my day; wrapped up in my own little flow...trying my hardest not to allow the actions of others to affect me...Yesterday was one of the very same; nothing too much out of the ordinary.  It was pouring rain, but I was safely nestled inside. Wrapped in my coziest sweater, I was awaiting my virtual team meeting to start.  As a flash of lightning ripped across the evening sky, I silently thanked the Universe for modern technology.  Within the next few minutes, my fellow staff members tickled into the virtual conference room.  Amarrah came in first, on two different devices at once; causing an avalanche of feedback and echoes.😂  Next was Ginger, then Naomi, followed by Tatiana, last and finally, Ms. Aubreigh graced us with her presence.  The meeting could now commence... There was nothing particularly different about this particular meeting; since we really hadn't seen one

Avri Speaks

Emotional Intelligence...What a glorious thing!  Do I dare to even Dream it possible from Landon?  One thing we are NOT, my dear Avri James is a Dummy .  Time after time, this man has brought you to a certain precipice; only to disappoint; leaving you completely shattered.  Even though he keeps saying he wants ALL of your parts, anytime you display any behavior that is not pleasing(which, might I add, is generally ALWAYS prompted by one of these sudden with drawls), you don't exist.  You have endured years of emotional and physical neglect-all for the sake of you paying for some so called crime of the heart that you committed as a child; to the likes of which he was equally responsible.  Don't you dare sacrifice how far you've come and everything you've built because it Sounds  good.  Remember, this won't last.  THINK  baby girl; he can't breathe, so he needs to come up for air.  Landon is SMART; he can read the room too...Don't Play Yourself... I laid back