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  Knowing your own mind can keep you in some hot shit when it comes to other people...I closed the box and placed it on my nightstand and eased back onto the pillows propped up on my bed.   The silence after he asked the question was almost deafening.  One thing I've learned through my interactions with others is to not be pressured into an immediate response; potentially saying something you don't mean.  No matter how excruciating your delay my be for the other person, it will be nothing compared to what you will endure if you are pushed into an unwanted situation.   I wanted to choose the exact right words to convey precisely what I felt to Adonis; causing as little damage as possible, but very clear and direct as far as who and what we are.  After spending the end of the night with a complete stranger who had been misled by love too many times to count, I wasn't about to have any had in the creation of what ever new monster emerges from all of this... "Adonis, liste


  Wow, what a difference the progression of time makes on any given situation...Over the past few months, life has taken some unforeseen paths that actually turned out far better than I could have ever hoped for.  I have watched people I have known for years grow and change; becoming more susceptible to their feelings, and learning to live from a truly honest place.  They are now happier they they have ever been, and able to do anything they put their minds to.  I was in LOVE with this flow of energy; my soul in complete alignment with it.  THIS place, was meant for ME... One thing that definitely increased my whole "Moth to a Flame" persona exponentially was when the world became aware of my love for tarot cards, and my uncanny ability to provide relevant and accurate readings upon 1st sight.  Reading individuals, and having the capability to know exactly what they were feeling has always been unspoken, yet known...hence, why any and all randoms from near and far will provid