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Basic Bitches, Ghost Stories, and an Evening of Quittage

So Jackson and Elise have come to the conclusion that ElleRiche needed a digital connection to it's fans. A place where they could come on a daily and experience all things ER. We already have the website, but it just wasn't capturing the Essence of a lifestyle, hence the newest component, interactive blogging and weekly podcasts.  We started ElleRiche from their living room couch and haven't looked back since.  I like to think of them as a Super-Computer, because their brains are perfectly synchronized. When the two of them get together,  magic happens. So the brainchild for this week's show is to go check out these fools playing Quittage. You heard right. Brooms and all. The world needs to know this mess is going on. I'm not ready for this filth. What does one wear to an evening game of Quittage? I don't think I have anything that works with the broom. JackEl know they wrong for this one. I think our efforts to thwart the Basic Bitch at all costs h

I'm Here...

Let me just start by saying I LOVE BEING ME. I wake up elated. My life is pretty fabulous, but I go to pain-staking lengths on a daily basis to keep it that way. My name is Avri James. I'm 25 years old, single, successful, and relatively sane. I'm a Visual Merchandising Consultant for one of the fastest rising retail brands in the US. I like being there from the beginning. The success of the label feels personal. I love the people I'm surrounded by, and have a weakness for a well-made bag/shoe combination. I live by myself in a downtown apt. Just off of Queens St. Something about this place calls me. I think I must have been some type of wealthy well-to-do socialite in a past life. I don't consider myself special,  which is what all the front antics were about.  All of the above mentioned were choices. Decisions to do the latter. With that being said, do you know what that means? If this isn't the life you're living at this very moment,  you're choosin