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  Reality is a state of mind.  If there is some other version of it you prefer to exist in, it is your purpose in life to go for it.   After all, whose job is it to be in pursuit of YOUR happiness?!  You are the creator in the ultimate design of your life.  Sooo, what was on my agenda for today?!  Surrender the truth of what I felt, and admitting to myself that there was no level of ordinary that Landon and I would ever be comfortable with; we were SENSATIONAL.  The parts of Landon that are my absolute favorite are those that belong to only me.  They aren't very obvious, and you have to really know him to even know it's there...but I swear, they are the BEST parts.  It ultimately makes all of the emotional chaos between us make sense.  When things are JUST right, we resonated at a frequency that existed outside of everything else.  It made us untouchable.  I could not WAIT for our trip.  We were in desperate need of a reset.  The closer it got to the day, the more excited


There was an inexplicable calm that settled over my entire life.  It came quietly and peacefully; setting up residence completely undetected.   All I knew is that I looked up one day,  and everything seemed to be going my way.  I had finally surrendered to  the power of the Universe, and allowed my will to be translated into real life.  The night I talked myself off a ledge of discontent would be the very last time I stood at that precipice.  I left all my reservations there, and chose at long last to trust myself and the choices that I make are all working together to achieve my highest good.  I learned that  I couldn't possibly have the faith I needed in myself OR the Universe for that matter if my decisions were rittled with so much doubt.  I needed to LET GO, and embrace the process of becoming.  I was ready to transition past this place...and so I did.  No, every moment has not been absolutely perfect, but I've had enough of those moments to know that I was NEVER going bac