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One Starry Night

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Well, I knew now that it was going to be just Landon and I from now on, there would be no shortage of chances to talk about the newest message.  At this point, I was more annoyed than anything, and I just wanted to get it over with.  I was so tired of all of this outside foolishness effecting us.  I mean maybe, just maybe, I could be the actual catalyst in at lease ONE of these scenarios?!  It didn't take Tre long to figure out he was blocked, and I received a few other choice messages from random numbers, one of which demanded answers...

Yea; OK!  I'll  only be answering to one man at a time; it's later for all that bullshit!!  After I tell Landon about the text, I then have the pleasure of explaining that this man would be going to school in Columbus too, not too far from us.  BOY Avri, you sure know how to pick them!  Later on that day, Landon and I were heading to the city to finish getting his things for school.  I still hadn't fully wrapped my mind around the fact that we were really DOING this; together.  I was more than excited, I just didn't have a moment yet to enjoy it.  So much was happening around us, it seemed like my thoughts were insignificant.  All of this "newness" was changing me.  Before where I had no shadow of doubt, because things were said, it had unconsciously began to effect the way I felt.  I began to notice indifference.  If we were going to do this, and do this right, I would have to tell him.  Whatever the bullshit with Tre, we needed to talk, and we needed to do it ASAP. Dammit, I gotta address YET another thing...<a href="">Follow my blog with Bloglovin</a>

Here is where I run into problems...Its like and entire disconnect between my mouth, brain, and heart occurs when I'm supposed to be talking to him.  It's not that I'm afraid, on the contrary; I have never been more comfortable in my life-I just don't know what it is...In any case, this was happening, and I needed to talk!  I sat nervously fidgeting  at the top of my steps, waiting on Landon to arrive.  At that moment. I was actually energized; then, an epiphany...what did I need to be nervous for?  I did absolutely nothing wrong and did not provoke this in any way.  Landon isn't a monster, he is actually on of the most understanding people I have ever met.  It will be fine Avri, just use your words...

Landon pulled up, and my apprehension melted away.  Once I saw him, I now WANTED to tell him.  I descended the stairs and got in the car.  As soon as I sat down, Landon actually spoke first, saying he wanted to talk about something.  All the original anxiety returned.  I reluctantly revealed that I had something to mention as well, but since he seemed eager, her could go first.  I turned to face Landon, and, noticed for the 1st time since entering the car that he had a slight nervousness on his face.  This was something altogether unfamiliar, and I stopped my thought process dead in it's tracks..."what's the matter?", I asked.  "What do you have to tell me?!"  After what seemed like forever, he finally spoke, "Even though you and I have been apart of Richmond for as long as I can remember, I never really thought about you and I.  I'm not really sure what made this particular summer special, but something definitely shifted; and here we are.  All I do know is I'm glad that it has, there's no place I would rather be.  I'm excited for our future together, and I can't wait to see how we GROW.  I love you Avri."  Landon stopped speaking, then placed a small teal box on the dashboard.  My immediate thought was, "he DOES listen when I whine, it's my Tiffany Charm Bracelet!"  I was getting excited, but had to keep my composure to restrain myself for snatching the box and tearing it open.  

After another one of his dramatic pauses, he finally reached for the box, opened it, removing whatever was inside.  He held it in such a way that I was not able to see exactly what it was.  He looked at it for a few moments more, then opened his hand to reveal a ring; a tiny crown of white gold stars.  He placed the ring on my finger saying, "One thing I want you to always know and never doubt is EXACTLY how I feel about you.  This is just to remind you that yes, this is real, and you are MINE.  I wanted you to have this before we left."  I sat, slightly flabbergasted at the moment, just staring at the ring.  I absolutely loved it; it was PERFECT.  Landon finally broke the silence by softly asking, "so what did you want  to talk about?!" be continued


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