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The Empath


"I like talking to you...It's like talking to me, but with a girl face."  Sheldon-The Big Bang Theory

One thing I have never been in need of on Richmond was COMPANY.  It is the one place I can always go, and there someone would be.  Even if not at first, just wait; another soul will surely appear.  Interestingly enough, absolutely ANYONE will talk to me.  I don't need to ask any questions, I don't need to reply...just know by the end of the conversation, I WILL have the complete picture...It's this capability, to not only listen, but being able to absorb what the individual was going through, that makes my writing so personal.  I'm particularly careful not to appear as the impartial observer, by actually getting inside of the feeling; I need to EXPLORE it.  How else am I able to speak on or interpret something I don't fully comprehend?!  There is, however, a caveat that comes with such a gift-EVERY person within a 2 mile radius who needs to talk picks up the signal like batman and flocks to me...overly eager to spill their feelings.  Today was no exception; I had wandered out to my front porch and found my way to my favorite chair.  Just as I got settled in and pulled out my book, I received a direct message on social media from Aiden asking if I was around-he needed to talk.  I closed the cover of my book; whispering softly into it's cover a promise to return to it as soon as possible.  I typed a quick response; letting him know I was out front and ready to listen...

A few minutes later, Aiden's steel blue SUV was pulling up to the curb.  He looked disheveled, a little confused, and VERY worried.  I pulled one one of the pillows from behind my back and and sat it atop the 1st landing of stairs.  He walked up and sat down heavily, placing his head in the palms of his hands.  I gave him a moment or two to gather himself, but after 15 minutes, I made a soft interjection, "Sometimes when we think we want to talk, we really just need company; and that's OK..."  Aiden lifted his head, and began to utter something completely inaudible.  "Wait, What the Hell?!"  I responded.  Long story short, he was looking for an out when it came to his current romantic situation.  He had basically gotten in over his head with a young girl that he was just messing around with.  She had become pregnant during this timeframe, and just recently had the baby in the past 3 months.  This was his 3rd child, AND 3rd kid's mother; so he was making every attempt to make this work.  I didn't interrupt; just sat quietly listening.  I'm not to sure about the WHY behind it, but what I could gather from what he said, he was DONE trying.  Something happened, and it was the final straw...

"Ok, well, you have made a decision; that's always a positive.”  I really wanted to get back to my book, so I got straight to the point; no Vaseline involved…”What you have to understand is, when it comes to relationships, they are meant to be a physical mirror in which we are able to see ourselves.  We MUST pick the right surfaces in which to reflect off of.  If you choose the wrong one, the image we see can be distorted; to the point where we can't see ourselves at all.  At that point, you have to pull your skirt down and cut your losses.  We are often looking for a person to complete us; which is the common misconception about a relationship.  You are ALREADY complete; and you are seeking an individual who is also whole, making them worthy to share your complete fullness therein; glowing and GROWING into your ONENESS a little more each day.  It's not their job to add, OR take away from who you are in any way.   HOWEVER, you had better HOPE that's the truth.  Know that if I say I Love a person, that is to say that I Love you the way that God Loves you because that is precisely where that love originated; and therefore one in the same.  It is what makes love unconditional; the ONE thing impervious to change...If you are ready to experience that, and to truly KNOW it, then you need to be looking for the God in you, inside the female form.  If you are just being a little boy, not willing address the things about you necessary for your growth as a man, then you will be stuck RIGHT HERE; forever."  Mic drop…

He listened intently to every word I said.  I advised him NOT to address ANY specific issues during the initial conversation.  There is so much that gets lost and remains unsaid when a person feels the LEAST bit victimized.  The smart approach was to keep the focus on HIM. I told Aiden to talk specifically about who he WAS, as a person, and the things HE wanted out of life.  By doing so, she would be able to see for herself where their two frame of minds differ.  With holding any specific issue pertaining to her, then her mind will have nothing to fixate on.  She will have no other option but to see that this is HIS choice, and you don't belong together.  "I really hope that helps; I mean I know it's not the angry, over-the-top, fuck that bitch response you are used to from women in Jensen City...but you asked for a grown man answer because you were ready to carry yourself like one.  THIS is definitely a way to get there..."

He thanked me for the advice, and by the time we had finished talking, he was much better spirits.  After almost 2 hours, we parted ways, with Aiden promising to stick to his guns.  I had very little hope for his follow-through.  This was the type of young man who was so caught up in the drama relationships brought, he had no Earthly idea about the PEACE a partner who was equally yoked had the potential to bring.  I could already see him; going IN; guns blazing; poised and ready to attack.  He will probably have an entire list of grievances written and ready to go!  The thought of old receipts with hand-written notes scribbled on the back falling out of his pockets as he searched for them made me laugh...Alone at LAST!!  I eased back into my chair, eagerly returning to my book.  A few more of Richmond's characters came and went, with me occasionally looking up to engage them.  I kept enough distance between us to make it obvious that I planned on staying solo for the remainder of the evening.  At some point prior to me going in for the night, my phone buzzed again; it was Aiden thanking me again-and inviting me to have breakfast in the AM.  I laughed out loud.  Besides me having less than Zero interest, that situation is WAY too complicated for me!  I quickly shut him down by telling him I'm an Empath; it's a personality type; he needed to look it up...whatever it is he may THINK he's feeling WILL fade by the morning;  "ITS NOT REAL, please don't get caught up!" lmao  Damn, why can I never talk a man like  he's a DECENT person, and that be interpreted to mean they deserve a shot with you?!  I'm soo over men...  


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