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Breaking Dawn


All the best movie legacies ever created were made in trilogy.  This next phase of my life was MY Part III…Get your popcorn ready bitches!!  

As with all things, time marches on, and the inevitability of change was upon me…fuck that, it was ON me; my head all but refusing to sink below the surface.  And why not?!  I mean, I was actually ACHING for a new experience.  You wanna know the craziest part, I wasn’t in the least bit afraid.  So what was the problem?!  Simple.  ME.  “Go ahead Avri.”  That still small voice from inside softly whispered.  Ok then.  So, I took a deep breath, eyes wide open, and slowly let my head sink into the abyss(oh btw, that meant a job, like a REAL one🙄)…The next thing I knew, I was standing in the Crystal Flame, a Holistic Candle Bar, fully employed.  All kinds of things were running through my head, but it was completely overshadowed by pure excitement.  I had begun the next phase of my journey, and for the first time, I was going WILLINGLY.  There is a peace that is indescribable that comes with knowing who the fuck you are, and FULL acceptance of all that is.  I was BRAND NEW.  Let it be known world, the Empath in Avri James LOATHES the workplace.  It’s an emotional vampire, and a place I cannot thrive in creatively…HOWEVER, I am a bougie bitch.  I like nice things.  A singular source of income was never apart of the plan.  I wasn’t cut out for the life of a struggling artist.  One thing I can always get behind is a team-and the Crystal Flame had an all star cast; a sensational ensemble of characters…Thank God for Linden Flower tea laced with Lavender and Dragon’s Blood Sage!

Not that I ever needed an excuse to pour a perfectly chilled glass of wine, but apparently the general public is in desperate need of one.  Hence the whole ‘N Sip era for an evening out.  You know, Paint ‘N Sip, Spliff ‘N Sip.  It was Pour ‘N Sip in our case.  We had the market cornered with our own little version of Coyote Ugly; miles apart from the nearest competition.  So basically you hand pour candles while you party-yea, I know, lol.  I didn’t even know this was a thing until the Crystal Flame found me…We may not sling drinks, but we DEFINITELY put on a show!  Tonight I had 3 parties with Naomi, and I was looking forward to getting lost in other people’s version of fun for a while. I was getting up with Landon after work to eat late.  Standing at the front bar humming Whitney, I must say, I was in a pretty excellent mood.  “Well, out of the 682 people in this building right now, I have encountered exactly 5 that have systematically decided to get on my last nerve!”  Naomi said in an exasperated voice as she made her way towards me.  I giggled.  “The energy is pretty good in here tonight, let’s keep it positive, and keep Lady’s Night as cute as possible!”  I flashed the phony version of my best smile, grabbed a gold tray filled with an assortment of our most popular scents, and glided past her.  “You got it.  As a matter of fact, if you can keep these heifers off the tables tonight, I’ll have your baby!”  I bursted into laughter.  “I’m not making any promises, I got a version of ‘Weak’ I’ve been saving JUST for Karaoke!😜”  I said.  I headed to the back to grab a few bottles of wine.  When I re-emerged, I saw a customer removing her shoes as she sat perched on top of a table near the wall.  “I guess I’m giving birth to all my own kids!”  I said to myself, as 3 others bum-rushed me with scent sheets and questions…

After 7 “Last Songs”, the seemingly endless evening had run its course, and I was over it.  It didn’t help that I was all worked up the entire night for my impromptu date with Landon.  What bitches?!  I was excited!!  We had been like passing ships ever since the Crystal Flame came into our lives, hardly seeing each other conscious at all.  I never knew it was possible to miss someone you occupied the same space with this much.  It was like we were existing on two totally different planes within the same reality.  Even when Nadine’s second wind from the glass of wine she had been slow sipping all night wasn’t enough to hold my attention.  I was already on the passenger side of the Bat Mobile.  Amarah was hurriedly shuffling around the bar, ensuring the last of the guests were taken care of.  She had just finished snapping pictures for a very inebriated birthday girl as I was walking up.  “Can you grab table 7’s bag, they’re ready to check out!”  Amarah said over her shoulder.  We could always count on Amarah to have a viable escape plan already in the works!  I hadn’t seen Aubreigh all night, but that wasn’t unusual. She preferred to keep a low profile when she was in the bar.  EVERYWHERE else though, Oh Aubreigh was more than a character, she was the whole damn CAST!!  Think Miranda Priestly and Olivia Pope had a baby🤔…That’s ok; there will be plenty of time for Aubreigh another night…

I silently watched the excited guests make the most of their intoxication.  ‘Drunk people do seem to always be having the time of their lives!’ I thought to myself, as I placed a Quartz point at the center of a 3 wick candle.  “For mental clarity, and attraction of prosperity,” I blessed it as I handed the bag and its care over to its new owner.  She smiled warmly, and thanked me over and over as she made her exit.  I looked up, and the last of our guests had left.  Now I was smiling too; I was just moments away from my seat…Naomi chatted away as we cleaned; and I was there-at least for most of  the conversation😂. The next thing I knew, we were standing outside the bar entrance, slamming down the gate.  The final clink of the lock solidified the official ending of my shift, and the start of my REAL night.  I walked out to the parking lot, waving goodbye to the girls.  “I’ll see you ladies next go round, same time, same place.”  Landon was in his usual spot; seemingly oblivious, yet inconspicuously peeping the scene.  He always backed in; that way he could see everything from all sides.  I LOVED this about him.  Picking up the pace, I walked more quickly to the car.  Landon looked up from the book he was reading and smiled as I approached the car.  “I thought I was the Reader,” I said, pointing to the book with my lips.  “Well,” Landon began, “They say if you live with a person long enough, some of who they are rubs off on you,” he said, as he leaned over and kissed me. “But they also say if you really want to hide something, then put it in a book.  Knock it off, you can’t be the only one out here discovering secrets of the Universe!😜”. A hard ass eye roll later, we were heading in the direction of the city.  “Where are we going?!”  “Don’t worry, it’s not far.  You’re aight, just chill!”  I folded my arms and sank back into my seat.  I actually preferred it when Landon took all the initiative.  It didn’t even matter where we ended up; we were together-that’s all there really is…

The City might as well be an entirely different continent after dark.  It comes alive with all the different sights, smells, and people-a complete sensory overload.  Depending on what corner you end up in, determines what part of the world you’re going to be visiting.  Tonight’s excursion was taking us to the Orient-Chinatown, that is😁.  We found our way to my favorite little spot, Hoo Wop’s.  I ducked down under the low-hanging sign and descended the stairs into the basement restaurant.  Why does all the best food come from the most questionable of establishments🤔?!  Our favorite booth was free, and we quickly got settled; ordering hot ginger teas with lemon.  I spent exactly 5 minutes recounting the antics from the Crystal Flame; I was more interested in how Landon spent his day-more importantly, how we were going to spend the night!  Landon and I were so caught up in conversation that we didn’t even notice the food arrived.  Our concentration was broken by the sound of the porcelain plates making contact with the marble table top.  I smiled big and did my little happy dance.  I am sooo fat on the inside!!😂

I’m true Pisces fashion, we found our way to the waterfront.  There was something absolutely magical about how thousands of tiny city lights bounce off the waves, and are reflected in the current.  It’s like a night sky you can touch.  I could stand here for hours, just watching.  We found a bench that was partially secluded with virtually no foot traffic.  I eased down into Landon’s lap, weaving my fingers into his as he put his arms around me.  I laid my head back on his chest, slowly closing my eyes.  Yup, EXACTLY where I want to be…


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