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One thing is for sure, whenever two people are separated for an extended period of time, ESPECIALLY Twin Flames, you kinda need to hibernate for a while.  You know, just be absent from the public and outside energy for a bit; to protect your newly reinstated peace; to focus on just each other.  Even though we couldn’t REALLY get away at the moment, we did a pretty good job of maintaining our own private bubble in which we could exist.  “ I’ve got some running around to do, but I want to spend the whole day talking to you about everything and nothing at all.  THEN, I want to spend the whole night re-acquainting with your body.  I need to re-learn it, ALL of it; the smell, taste, touch, and sounds of EVERYTHING.” Landon said as we pulled up to my house.  “So you’re going to call me as soon as you’re free then?!” I asked.  “Nah, we are gonna do things a little differently today, that is, if you aren’t busy…”  My curiosity was officially peaked; “Well I have a few things to update on the site and an article to finish, but I don’t see why I couldn’t do that anywhere. What did you have in mind?!”  “I want you to go inside, get dressed, and get whatever you need to work. I’ll be right here when you get done; then, I’m taking you with ME.  I want you around…”

You would have thought Landon said we were going to Dubai!  I could barely keep it together once inside.  I kept dropping things, forgetting what I had already done; too busy just being amazingly excited at the prospect of being with Landon, in the physical, for the entire day and night.  I could not stop smiling.  I hurriedly got ready; constantly peeking through my bedroom window to ensure he was still there.  I still couldn’t believe this was all happening.  After what seemed like an eternity, I started making my way back to the car.  Wait, did a bitch just FLY?!  I swear my feet didn’t touch a single step on the two flights that separated us.  Landon was fully engrossed   “Ready?!”  He said smiling.  I returned the smile, answering with my most enthusiastic “Yes!”, with as much sincerity as a one word response can contain.  “Ok good.  I want you to share my world.  We need to make as much time for each other as possible; stop moving as separate pieces.  We have to make EACH OTHER a priority and stop pretending that we don’t matter to one another as much as we do.  We start with the way we spend our time from one day to the next.  We are connected; but I’m order to keep it close, we gotta work on it, a little bit each day.  This is how we restore our peace, and take back what was always ours.”  I was speechless.  Landon wasn’t going to get one word of objection from me.  He literally plucked the thoughts right out of my head.  I looked at him in a somewhat awe; in TOTAL admiration; completely in Love with this man.  I sat back, letting out a deeply gratifying sigh of pure relief.  “What’s wrong?!”  Landon asked.  “Oh nothing, nothing at all!! I am sooo Happy; it’s like when I hum while I’m eating because the food is soo good!  Nothing is wrong my Love; on the contrary; it’s very RIGHT…

We spent the majority of the day running errands and making stops.  Once in a groove, I found it rather easy to work on the go.  The scenery and multiple interactions with people actually made for excellent material for potential stories and characters.  Landon was even willing to try a new spot for lunch.  I loved him being open and sure of himself.  It was like he was finally embracing the parts of him that were so much MORE.  Soon, the sun was setting, as it was getting dark I asked, “So how much longer before we go in the house?!  I’m getting tired of being outside!”  “Hmm, just one more stop, and we outta here baby, I’m ready too.”  Shortly after leaving that destination, I noticed that we weren’t heading in the direction of Landon’s house-or mine for that matter.  “Where are we going?!” I inquired.  “You’ll see.  I need a little more privacy to execute what it is I have planned for us.  Just relax; we are about to disappear for a while.”  It was official; I was ALL the way excited.  Not that she wasn’t all on before, but once Jasmine heard that, she was fully on board and WIDE awake!  I couldn’t wait to get to wherever it was we were going.  At this point, it was going WAYY beyond physical; a bitch was about to LEVITATE…

When we arrived, I couldn’t believe where we were…a few years back, we spent our 1st night together here…it can’t get any better!  “The 1st time we were here, what we felt for each other, was at its HEIGHT.  It was soo intense, you could almost SEE it.  We were able to overcome some of the initial awkwardness, but didn’t really get to the level we were shooting for.  You said you wanted to experience Levitation.  So now, I’m bringing you back to give you PRECISELY what you asked for…”  Do you see what the fuck I mean?!  What did I JUST say at the end of the last paragraph?!  He IS back in my head!  It was a feeling that I had to once again become familiar with.  I hoped my face didn’t give me away; I was trying my hardest not to look like I was in total shock; I was trying to play it cool! Lol. But, all I could do was smile.  I kissed him twice before throwing my arms around him.  It was obvious that I was elated!  The look on Landon’s face said that he was quite pleased; with both himself AND my reaction.  He came around to my side, opened the door and grabbed my hand.  “Come on.”  Once inside the room, we settled in quickly, both trying to relax, yet not wanting to waste a single minute.  After we ate and I showered, I found myself in bed, remote in hand, just GLOWING.  Landon was in the shower now.  My brain simply refused to focus on the TV; HE was ALL That my mind’s eye could see…

Now THIS, is how that very 1st might should have gone down!  Something that definitely broke the ice was the resurfacing of the coupon book I had made for him over 2 years ago.  It was something I made as a way for us to get closer, and get more comfortable with each other sexually in a fun way.  I had forgotten all about it.  I was thrilled to see it.  Landon carefully studied each leaf in the booklet.  “I bet you thought this was gone forever, that you were never going to have to do these things you wrote for me-HaHa!! I still got it!  I’m thinking we start with page 1, and work our way to at Least page 7 tonight before we take a nap.”  “A NAP?!”  I exclaimed.  “Does that mean we won’t actually be going to bed at any point tonight?!”  I asked incredulously.   “No, not tonight.  I need you, and I’m sorry, it’s been WAYY too long since I have had this free and clear access to you.  Soo, tonight, you are ALL mine, with no compromises.  I said I was going to turn you out; let’s start that officially right NOW.”  Ok then. If he insists on turning me out, I’m all for it😁; you have a green light Landon!  See how much easier life is and work out when you say exactly what is on your mind?!  Shit gets DONE.  My mind wandered momentarily as the thought entered it, then I was immediately brought back to the present moment by Landon’s tongue making contact with a region on my body.  I looked down at him.  “What?!  I had forgotten what that tastes like!”  SMH…


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